A Haunting Message: Reflecting on Road Safety .

Today, I want to share an cartoon I created for the recent cartoon exhibition held at the Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, on the occasion of the United Nations 7th Road Safety Week. I'm excited to have one of my cartoons displayed among the 30 captivating artworks by 26 cartoonists. In this blog post, I will provide a detailed description of my cartoon and the underlying message it conveys about the importance of responsible driving and road safety.

Depicting the Consequences of Speeding:

The focal point of my cartoon revolves around the ominous presence of two personified accidents engaged in a conversation. Placed on a highway, they are anxiously awaiting a ride while exchanging a haunting remark: "Don't wait too long. The car is coming faster." This dialogue aims to convey a strong message that driving at high speeds significantly increases the risk of accidents.

Visual Representation:

To accentuate the foreboding nature of the accidents, I portrayed them with humanoid characteristics. These eerie characters possess two arms and two legs, resembling humans, and are depicted in a combination of dark blue and black-purple colors. I utilized capital letters to write the word "accident" on their bodies, highlighting their terrifying nature. Additionally, I emphasized the menacing effect by using red letters for the word "accident."

Placing the Characters:

I strategically positioned the accident characters in the middle of the highway, seemingly oblivious to the potential dangers surrounding them. Their careless behavior signifies the imminent threat that can befall anyone who ventures into the path of a speeding vehicle. The intention behind this placement is to raise awareness about the need for caution while driving and to discourage recklessness on the road.

Inspiration and Evolution of the Cartoon:

The initial inspiration for this cartoon struck me during a highway journey last year. Witnessing numerous incidents caused by overspeeding and reckless driving, I felt compelled to address the issue through my art. As I prepared for the road safety cartoon exhibition, I finalized the concept and transformed it into a thought-provoking piece. Initially, I considered including Yamraj, the god of death in Nepali mythology, at the accident site. However, I decided against it to avoid promoting superstitions related to ghosts and deities.

Artistic Choices:

In order to create a somber and menacing ambiance, I opted for a dark background, including a dimly lit sky. Employing digital coloring techniques, I added hatching to enhance the depth and texture of the artwork. These artistic choices contribute to the overall impact of the cartoon, drawing viewers' attention to its profound message.

Sharing and Feedback:

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to display this cartoon at the exhibition and share it with you through this blog. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated, as they help me understand how effectively the cartoon conveys the message of road safety.


With this cartoon, I aimed to stimulate dialogue and raise awareness about the importance of responsible driving. By personifying accidents and illustrating the potential consequences of speeding, I hope to inspire individuals to prioritize road safety. Remember, each decision we make behind the wheel can have a significant impact on our lives and the lives of others sharing the road. Let's make a conscious effort to ensure safer roads for everyone.

Thank you for joining me in exploring this thought-provoking cartoon. Stay tuned for more discussions on the works of talented cartoonists in future blog posts on Sisakalam blog.


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